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8 Tips for Better Looking Skin

1b622915bd2503f5_woman-drinking-water1. Sweat everyday. Unfortunately, sweating has gotten a bad reputation. Sweating does not cause acne. In fact, sweating is actually your body’s way of helping to keep your skin clean. Breaking a sweat once a day will make your skin glow, as exercise improves your circulation and oxygen levels and will result in a gorgeous complexion.

2. Disinfect your cellphone.  According to recent studies, that smartphone you can’t keep your hands off of can have 18 times more harmful bacteria, including Staph, E.Coli and Salmonella, than a public toilet handle. All those germs land right on your cheek and jawline every time you chat away, causing pimples and irritation. To keep your phone (and face) bacteria-free, Continue Reading →


5 Superstar Anti-Aging Ingredients

Meet the super star players of the skin care world – and learn how to make the work for you.

1. RETINOL (a.k.a. the Cure-All)

What It Does: This vitamin A derivatives that unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin—sometimes in as little as four weeks. Forms of retinol “are among the best anti-aging ingredients we have,” says Jeffrey Dover, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine.

How It Works: Retinol works so well for skin care because of its molecular size. Vitamin A has long been known to help keep skin healthy and young-looking. However, most forms of vitamin A have molecules that are too large to get through the top layer of skin and into the lower layers of skin to work on the collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are both important components for the prevention of wrinkles. Once applied, the retinol sinks into the lower levels of the skin and stimulates the collagen and elastin. This causes the skin to look smoother and feel firmer.

How to Get the Best Results:
Pay attention to packaging. Buy it in an aluminum tube or an opaque plastic pump bottle so light and air don’t degrade it.
Use it at night. The vampire of the skin-care world, retinol works best in the dark.
Put it on after cleansing. Wash your face with warm water and make sure it’s dry before applying retinol. Then, blood vessels and pores are dilated, making more space between cells for absorption. (Prescription versions, called retinoids, in particular must be applied to dry skin or they absorb too quickly and irritate.)
Make sure it tingles. If you can’t feel it, it’s not strong enough, says Dover.
Go easy on your eyes. Dab around the eye area every third night. Retinol is great for undereye crepiness.

Products We Love:

2. ANTIOXIDANTS (a.k.a. the Fixers) Continue Reading →


Conquer Lines, Crepiness, & Sagging

skincareAs you age, the collagen in your skin breaks down, resulting in wrinkles, crepiness, and sagging. These common problems worsen as we age, often making us look even older and more run down than we really are. These tell-tale signs of aging caused by a variety of factors that include:

  • Gravity
  • Decrease in the production of collagen and elastin molecules
  • Sun damage
  • Environmental factors
  • Smoking
  • Rapid and extreme weight loss
  • Dehydration in the skin

Despite the fact that many of the causes of aging skin can’t be avoided, their effects can be remedied.

Fine Lines

A Quick Fix – Use a primer to fill in and camoflauge those fine lines while creating a smooth, resilient canvas for a look of even skin texture and tone. Try Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer SPF 30, Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer, or Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish

For the Long Run – To defeat fine lines and wrinkles, you need to help boost moisture and jumpstart collagenproduction. There are dozens of scientifically proven ingredients formulated to help do just this, including Palmitoyl Oligaopeptide, Palmitoyl Tretrapeptides-7, or Maxtrixyl 3000 (a combination of the two). Clinical studies have shown significant visible improvement in wrinkles and fine lines after two months of use. We recommend:

Murad Age-Diffusing Serum
Neostrata Firming Collagen Booster.
For Men: PCA Skin Total Strength Line and Pore Minimizer.

PCA Skin eyeXcellence pHaze 12
Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream

DermaQuest C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer
Dermalogica Clean Start Smart Mouth Lip Shine

While fruit-filled crepes may be delicious-looking, crepey skin is not. Crepey, or waffley skin is loose wrinkled skin characterized by skin surface sagging reminiscent of thin pancake-like crepes.

The Quick Fix – Smooth things out by moisturizer right out of the shower, while your skin is still wet. Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid that promote water retention or Dimethicone, a substance that creates a skin barrier trapping in hydration. We like:

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturizer
SkinMedica Hydrating Complex
Topix SRS Pro-Ceramide Barrier Repair

Glycolix Elite Eye Serum
Glytone Antioxidant Anti Aging Eye Cream

SkinMedica TNS Line Refine
Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex

For the Long Run – Scaly skin is deeper rooted than you might think. Boosting cell turn over and collagen production will help to smooth and tighten underlying skin as well. Look for products with skin smoothing Retinol derivatives and and peptides. Participants of a Retinol regimen based study in the British Journal of Dermatology started to see improvements in areas of “crepiness and cross-hatching” within eight weeks. We think you’ll like:

DDF Advanced Firming Cream
SkinMedica Tri Retinol Complex
Glycolix Elite Facial Cream – Fortified

Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream
Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream

As elastin and collagen break down naturally due to the aging process, one of the most visible side effects is droopy, saggy skin. Look for products that help reinforce the collagen matrix and produce a tightening result.

The Quick Fix …and For the Long Run – No one would ever mistake a serum and at-home treatment for an under-the-knife procedure, but using the NuFace Smoother Powerhouse Peptide Serum together with the NuFace Trinity will offer quick and long lasting results of smoother firmer skin. The NuFace at-home microcurrent device uses gentle electrical stimulation to increase muscle tone and collagen. This tightening of the muscles in the face can pull up saggy growls and skin. For saggy eyelid skin, use the Nuface in a gliding upward motion three times above each brow in five second intervals.

How do you conquer lines, crepiness, and sagging? Leave us a comment below!

The SkinMedix Team


Scar Recovery

Scar Recovery - SkinMedix.comOn Halloween, many people were actively using makeup and prosthetics to get fake scars for a spooky appearance. Now, it’s the start of November and we want our skin to be scar-free and flawless! Scarring can be caused by burns, injuries, surgeries or even acne. The formation of a scar is natural to the healing process, and although a scar may never completely disappear, they can be minimized with the help of these proven products available at!

• SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel – This therapeutic gel works to smooth and minimize the appearance of scarring commonly resulting from cosmetic, general and reconstructive surgeries, as well as C-sections and everyday cuts.

• Neocutis Bio Cream Bio Restorative Skin Cream with PSP – Nurtures, nourishes and refreshes stressed skin and helps promote recovery and skin restoration after cosmetic or dermatological procedures and surgeries.

• Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy – Ideal for old and new scars associated with cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, general surgery, C-sectons, burns, or everyday cuts and scrapes.l creates a silicone barrier over the top of the scar to provide 24-hour treatment, as it that softens, flattens and smoothes scars. The silicone sheet reduces redness, hardness, elevation and pain often associated with old and new scars.

• Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Treatment – This highly effective treatment option that has be proven to diminish the appearance of scars as they appear on the surface of the skin. Able to reduce the appearance of keloid and hypertrophic scars, Dermatix Ultra is a multi-faceted treatment option that can fade your scars regardless of their source. With each use skin will be soothed as the healing process is accelerated and symptoms such as itching and discomfort begin to disappear. Dermatix Ultras cutting edge formulation is based on the power of silicone technology.

iS Clinical Super Serum Advance Plus – Reduces the appearance of scar tissue, stretch marks, and uneven pigmentation. This new and improved formula is three times more effective than the original Super Serum, and is very effective at lightening hyperpigmentation and fading scars and stretch marks.

What is your favorite product to treat your scars?


7 Cold Weather Skin Myths

7 Cold Weather Skin Myths -
Going crazy from all the misinformation and bogus advice about winter-proofing your face and body? Here, top skin experts from Marie Claire Magazine help us crack the cold-weather skin-care code.

1. MYTH: The thicker the cream, the better it hydrates.
“Concentrated doesn’t necessarily equal optimum hydration,” says Annet King, director of training and development for the International Dermal Institute. “An overdose of lipids can actually trap dead cells and leave skin looking duller.” King suggests layering serums under creams in order to boost moisture. Facialist Sonia Dakar agrees: “Serums are light, yet have super-concentrated ingredients — ideal for absorption.” Try iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance Plus.

2. MYTH: Overcast skies mean you can cut back on sunscreen.
Hardly. As a depleting ozone has led to stronger UVB burning rays, SPF is now a year-round endeavor. And clouds do little to filter out wrinkle-accelerating UVA rays. Come cooler, drier weather, find a daily moisturizer with a broad-spectrum SPF 15 (or higher), like Murad Face Defense SPF 15 to hydrate and protect. “You can enhance your sun protection exponentially by using an antioxidant-rich serum underneath your moisturizer,” says Washington, D.C., dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Burgess.

3. MYTH: Oily skin can forgo moisturizer.
Dry, cold climates wear on all skin types — even oily. And without some added protection, barrier function (which keeps pollution and other damaging elements out and moisture in) gets compromised. If your skin is super-oily, you can get by with a gel-cream or lotion formula, like NeoStrata Lotion Plus. For true combination skin, use different moisturizers for different areas — a light formula for your T-zone and a richer one for cheeks that get dry, patchy spots.

4. MYTH: Exfoliating in winter exacerbates dry patches.
“The sloughing in fact causes a burst of cell renewal, so you’re helping new moisture-rich cells move to the surface,” says King. The key in winter is to moisturize thoroughly — occasionally with a hydrating mask, like SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque — as your skin barrier is weakened after exfoliating. Adds Dakar: “Enzyme-based exfoliants will deliver results in a more gentle way.”

5. MYTH: Loading up on lip balms prevents chapping.
Only if it’s the right balm. Some common ingredients can actually have an adverse effect. Mineral oil (petroleum jelly) creates an artificial film on your lips, signaling your skin to stop producing lipids, while funky flavors, perfumes, and colors can also dry out skin. King suggests seeking natural-oil-infused balms or those with shea and cocoa butter, like PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy. “To get rid of flaky patches, apply a little facial exfoliant to damp lips (a soft toothbrush also does the trick), scrub gently, then follow with balm,” she says. Wait till spring to resume use of lip plumpers and super-long-lasting formulas that dry out your pout.

6. MYTH: Your skin will benefit if you stay indoors as much as possible.
True, extreme cold temperatures do suck the moisture from your skin. But retreating indoors, where central heating is pumped to the max, can leave your derm equally parched. So enjoy the fresh air and winter sports, and then do what you can to add moisture to the air at home. A humidifier can help — especially at night, when, combined with a night cream, like Revaleskin Night Cream with CoffeeBerry, skin is more apt to drink in moisture. A humidifier can also defrizz staticky winter “hat hair.” Dakar recommends adding a teaspoon of tea-tree oil to the water tank to clean it every few days and prevent mold.

7. MYTH: Windburn gives your skin a natural, healthy, desirable glow.
Depends whether you consider broken capillaries in the cheeks “desirable” — which is what regular exposure to harsh wind can do. The worst-case scenario is that it leads to permanent redness (aka rosacea). “Sensitive skin is especially susceptible to windburn,” says King. “So before heading outdoors, load up on a protective-barrier moisturizer and cover up with a scarf. If you do get burned, calm and soothe with gentle cream cleansers and balm-like moisturizers until your skin calms down.” Needless to say, it’s better to get the fresh-off-the-slopes flush from a good blush, like Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush or In Touch Cream Blush —available in 12 shades!

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Celebrity Skin Care

Celebrity Skin Care - SkinMedix.comSure, celebrities make their living with their faces, but pimples, blotches and flakes couldn’t care less about that! Skin is skin, and when it acts up, high-profile people need to fix it fast. “As one celeb explained to me, her face is like a corporation within itself,” says Susan Evans, M.D., a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist. “That’s why she’s really serious about her skin.” But that doesn’t mean Hollywood types always rely on help from a syringe to prep for photo ops. “My celebrities are moving away from fillers and cosmetic procedures that are too obvious,” says Dr. Evans. “The newer trend is actually to take care of your skin. They’re avoiding tanning booths, making sunscreen a part of their routine and using products with vitamins A, C and E.” And while those are good habits we should all stick with, don’t you also want to know what they do when disaster strikes? Their best tricks are here!

Face Saver #1: When Stars Break Out
In Hollywood, zits can mess up more than a leading lady’s mood. “I’ve had actresses tell me that directors delayed shooting because of a breakout—it’s hard to hide when it’s magnified on-screen,” says L.A. dermatologist Jessica Wu, M.D. To keep recurring acne under control, pros often go beyond topical remedies. Beverly Hills dermatologist Boris Zaks, M.D., uses a procedure called photodynamic therapy on severely acne-prone celebs who can’t wait weeks for pills or creams to work. He applies an amino acid medication to the face, then shines a blue light on it for up to an hour to activate the liquid. Most clients get the two-step process four times a year for a total cost of $2,500 to $4,000. Yes, you could buy a new wardrobe for that!

But Wait! I’m Not a Celebrity (Yet)
To zap chronic acne on a non-celeb budget, try products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. (Try PCA Skin Acne Gel pHaze 35 or DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5%.) Used consistently, they will clear up most skin over 6 to 12 weeks. If a monster zit pops up, try the Zeno Hot Spot Pink — the pocket-sized beauty tool makes your acne blemishes disappear fast! In fact, in clinical trials, some blemishes began to clear in just one hour. And 90% of blemishes treated with Zeno disappeared or faded within 24 hours.

If you feel a breakout on the horizon, try a preventive treatment like the Baby Quasar Blue. The Baby Blue light works by killing the acne-causing bacteria, P. Acne, and works well in treating inflammatory acne vulgaris that has not responded to other acne therapies. Got oily skin? Use a product with sulfur weekly to soak up excess oil without overdrying. We recommend using Murad Clarifying Mask at least once a week to absorb impurities as it deep cleans and quiets acne breakouts. A diet tweak can also help. “I tell a lot of my patients to avoid dairy four weeks before they have to be on a set,” Dr. Wu says. Your body retains the extra hormones from cow’s milk, which can aggravate pimple-prone skin. “Even cutting back can make a difference. I’ve seen results in as little as a week,” says Dr. Wu.

Face Saver #2: When Stars Lose Their Glow
Sounds simple, but pros say that regular exfoliation does wonders for rejuvenating celebs’ complexions, which often take a beating from frequent travel and heavy makeup. “I insist on exfoliation, even if you have dry skin,” says Dr. Evans. “You have to remove old layers first before products can really penetrate.” Microdermabrasion treatments, which polish the face with tiny crystals, are a celeb favorite. They slough away dulling skin cells and create a ready and willing surface for anti-aging creams and serums. New York City dermatologist David Colbert, M.D., who treats Sienna Miller and Rachel Weisz, tackles the problem with his signature Triad treatment. “When HDTV kicked in, it became our most sought-after pre-awards show procedure,” says Dr. Colbert. “We had to open a second office!” His clients pay $400 for the microdermabrasion, laser toning and fruit acid process, and usually book it a week before major events, to get glowy.

Facial peels that contain papain enzymes or lactic acid smooth the skin’s surface and boost radiance, too. “After filming a movie, where they’re wearing heavy makeup, actresses often come in to get these peels to unclog their pores,” reports Dr. Wu.

But Wait! I’m Not a Celebrity (Yet)
“Just use something with exfoliating beads,” says Dr. Evans, and massage it lightly into your skin. Another less pricey option: a cleansing brush, like the Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush .”Use it three times a week, then apply a glycolic acid lotion, like NeoStrata Lotion Plus, afterward for a nice glow,” says Dr. Colbert.  For an at-home version of Dr. Evans’ popular papain enzyme peel, try PRIORI Idebenone Pro Peel Kit. ” Leave it on for 3 minutes, rinse, and moisturize.

Face Saver #3: When Stars Get All Dry
Dryness may seem like a minor issue, but parched skin robs women of that healthy, awake look we all want. Often regular moisturizer isn’t enough. Enter the DermalQuench Oxygen Treatment offered at Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts clinic in Los Angeles. Bold-faced names like Lea Michele and Nicole Richie are fans. The $250, hour-long facial douses skin with hyaluronate, a natural lubricant that diminishes as we age—it’s what helps skin hold water in. Once replenished, the face looks soft, and little lines aren’t as noticeable. “I have regulars who do this treatment weekly, but before the Emmys and Oscars, our clinic is packed with celebs coming in for it,” says Somerville.

But Wait! I’m Not a Celebrity (Yet)
“I tell all my clients that steam goes a long way,” says Somerville. “I do it myself when I’m tired or I’ve been traveling.” The mix of water and heat opens up pores, releases impurities and softens the skin. If you don’t have a face steamer, boil a pot of water, then remove it from the heat. Lean over it just enough so that the steam is hitting your face. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, pat your face dry and moisturize. For a quick and easy moisture mask, we suggest SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture. It hydrates, nourishes, and helps reduce the appearance of pore size with an exclusive combination of natural extracts.

Face Saver #4: When They Just Look Damaged
Pollution, smoke, sun—nobody’s face is 100 percent safe from environmental damage, especially if you, say, film war movies and vacation in St. Barts. Skin creams with antioxidants like vitamins A, C or E fight free radicals (collagen-diminishing skin agers). Dr. Evans blends them in her office for VIP patients. “Antioxidants really make a difference,” she says.

But Wait! I’m Not a Celebrity (Yet)
Look for products with skin protectors like vitamin A, C and E. “Coffeeberry also has antioxidant effects like those of vitamin C and green tea,” says Dr. Zaks. We recommend Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment. It contains the highest concentration of CoffeeBerry extract (1.5%) offered in skin care to naturally, effectively restore the vitality of stressed, aging skin. Be sure to use a moisturizer that works for your skin type: a cream if you have dry skin; a lotion if your complexion is normal. And stick with something oil-free or use a serum if you’re acne-prone like…oh, we won’t name names. 😉

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MUST HAVE: LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum

MUST HAVE: LiLash Purified Eyelash SerumWomen, who are not blessed with thick, sultry eyelashes or have observed their lashes falling out for one reason or another, have turned to eyelash growth products to regain what they have lost – including me!

I used to use Latisse on my lashes, but after a few months, the heavy price tag on the tiny prescription bottle left me budgeting just to afford my favorite lash boost. I loved my new longer lashes and didn’t want to give them up, but I could no longer justify spending $127.50 for a one month’s supply, plus doctor visit costs just to refill my prescription. Once my lashes returned to their original meager and pitiful selves, I set out to find a more affordable option.

After SkinMedix’s did a product feature on LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum, I decided to give it a try. Eight weeks of daily application, and my longer, fuller lashes are back! While I’m still paying $139.97 a bottle, I’m saving money on doctor visits because there’s no prescription needed. Also, you get double the product compared to Latisse, and since it comes in a self applying tube, you’re not wasting product by using drops on disposable brushes. (I always felt like half my Latisse was lost in those dinky brushes.) I’m now starting my third month and I still have more than half of the bottle left. I’ve read a lot of other reviews and most women are finding they get 6 months of daily use with one bottle. Unlike other eyelash growth serums, LiLash is used once daily for eight to twelve weeks. Then once you are satisfied with your lashes, you reduce use to only two times a week. In one year, I was spending $1530 on Latisse. Now I’m getting the same results for $279.94 – that’s a savings of $1250.06!

I didn’t experience any major side effects with this product. My eyes were a little itchy the first couple of days, but only as a result of using too much. Once I reduced the amount I was applying, the irritation stopped immediately. I learned a little goes a long way, and you don’t need more than one coat. If your eyes water at night, like mine do, I suggest using this product in the morning. My nightly tear production was washing the product down my face. I only discovered this when I found I was growing lash-like hair on my cheek bones! Not a cute look, to say the least. I now apply LiLash in the morning, instead of at night, and I haven’t experienced this problem since.

Check out my Before and After photos below:



It looks like magic…but it’s REAL!

So how does LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum work? To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at the ingredients of Lilash. One of its main ingredients is Lupinus albus (commonly known as white lupin) seed extract.This extract contains the factor that stimulates eyelash growth. Lilash also contains Prunus amygdalus (or almond) seed extract, which accords protection to each eyelash thereby giving it protection. Another key ingredient is panthenol, a moisturizing agent that keeps eyelashes supple and glossy and less prone to breakage. Silica, also included, prevents the eyelashes from breaking.

How to Apply LiLash:

  1. Apply once a day, morning or evening, to clean dry skin. Allow LiLash to dry for 2 to 3 minutes before applying other cosmetics.
  2. Remove the applicator from the tube and carefully wipe off any excess product on the inside of the tube.
  3. Apply the applicator to the skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line from inner to outer corner of the eye. See illustration below.
    A single application stroke is all that is required. LiLash is highly concentrated so little is needed for your best lashes.

Ditch the expensive brand and stop fussing with messy glues and fake lashes, and experience the luxury of your own natural long lashes. With one swipe of your mascara, and you will be camera ready!

Have you used LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum? What was your experience? Send me your Before and After photos to [email protected]! I would love to see them!

Talk soon! XO


LiLash Eyelash Serum

FEATURE FRIDAY: OBAGI Professional C Serums

FEATURE FRIDAY: OBAGI Professional C Serums -

TGIF, SkinMedix Fans! If you are not yet using a topical Vitamin C serum, this is the perfect opportunity to try the Obagi line. It’s no secret Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin cell damage. Obagi Professional-C serums offer maximum daily antioxidant protection and greater penetration than many other brands. The greater the penetration, the greater the antioxidant benefit to your skin! Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin cell damage. Professional strength Vitamin C can give your skin the superior protection it needs to:

  • Prevent premature signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protect against future damage
  • Stimulate collagen production for firmer, more resilient skin
  • Lighten and brighten skin for more even tone

Obagi Professional-C Serums use stabilized L-ascorbic acid – the only form of Vitamin C that can be effectively absorbed by the skin and are available in four concentrations. Refer to the chart below or speak with your skin care specialist to determine which one is right for your skin:

Obagi Professional C Serums Strengths

Have you tried Obagi Professional C Serum? What concentration do you use?

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless, so enjoy! 😉
Talk soon! XO


Top 5 Vitamin C Serums

Top 5 Vitamin C Serums

While Vitamin C has a strong reputation for building up the immune system, it also has properties that have made it an increasingly popular ingredient in cosmetic skin care products. In 1992, Dr. Sheldon Pinnell of Duke University conducted a study that proved the vitamin-C form of L-ascorbic acid reduced sun damage. These findings resulted in further studies that proved vitamin C’s other positive effects on the skin. Today, vitamin C has become a star ingredient in facial serums.

Vitamin C is a prime ingredient of collagen, the substance that binds cells together. Collagen metabolism and production are key attributes of healthy, radiant, younger looking skin. Collagen, in fact, depends on vitamin C, which implies the vitamin’s importance to healthy, attractive skin. Stable collagen production fights wrinkles, and ensures evenness in the skin’s tone and texture. It can also be helpful for acne and acne scars.Vitamin C’s function as an antioxidant also benefits the skin, as it neutralizes and protects the skin from damaging free radicals.

A facial serum with vitamin C provides the most benefit in the vitamin’s topical application. In one of its derivative forms, vitamin C will penetrate the surface layers of the skin to deliver its collagen-stimulation benefits, and protect the skin from damaging environmental factors, like ultraviolet rays. One of the benefits of a vitamin C serum is that they are usually oil free formulations that are suitable for oily skin.  They can also be followed with your favorite moisturizer.  Serums usually lack creamy, soothing ingredients, so sensitive skin types may need to follow up with a cream or lotion.

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SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF 30ml
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