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4 Skin Care Personalities: Which Are You?

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Minimalist, Trend-Seeker, Quick Fixer, or Connoisseur?   I’ve been a minimalist since childhood. While my friends were chatty about the last skincare and makeup products, hair wands, and gels, taking a mall trip to visit Sephora and spending their allowance on little vials of this or that, I was happily […]

How to Get the Most from Your Beauty Product Samples


When using samples that come in a foil packet, instead of tearing across the top, use a safety pin to pierce a hole in it. Only squeeze a little bit out at a time. When you’re through applying, store the packet in a Ziploc plastic bag and voila! Keep your […]

5 Skincare Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Skin Care regimens can quickly get complicated and confusing when using multiple products. Be sure you are not making one of the 5 common mistakes below! 1.) Forgetting about Your Neck Most people think of the face when you mention anti-aging products, but neglecting your neck is a sure-fire way […]

5 Reasons to Add Masks to Your Regimen


1. Masks are powerfully concentrated. Masks are able to contain higher levels of key ingredients because chemists do not have to be concerned with how blendable a product is that is rinsed off after a few minutes – or thrown away, if you use a sheet mask. Sheet masks, like […]

The Best Face Moisturizer: Is There Such a Thing?


First things first, what exactly makes a face moisturizer the absolute best face moisturizer? Maybe you’ve perused countless drugstores and makeup counters, browsing the plentiful amount of facial moisturizers that all claim to be the “very best” on the market. Some claim to provide better results, others claim to have […]

FAQs: Can I mix and match skin care lines?

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This is a question we hear all of the time and our answer is always the same—Aaabsolutely you can! There are a lot of skin care companies that will disagree with us on this one and say you must use all the same products, but truthfully it’s because they want […]

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