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Men, Skin Care Is Part of Your Health!

MenSkin Care Routine

“As a dermatologist, my opinion is that the #1 problem in men’s skincare can be summed up in one word: NEGLECT.” -Dr. Susan Evans, MD, Expert Contributor to the Dr. Oz Show Men’s health goes beyond working out and eating right. If you’re not taking care of your skin, you’re […]

Sweat Is Good For My Skin?

Skin Care Science

Let’s call it a sparkle! Sweating has gotten a bad reputation. And I mean, it’s not surprising. It’s the ultimate “scheeve”, or Ew, when someone sweaty brushes up against you, or leaves a seat with a ring of sweat. We associate sweating with acne, BO, poor hygiene and smelly locker […]

The Best Face Moisturizer: Is There Such a Thing?

best & worst

It all depends on your skin type. Have you seen a moisturizer advertised as “the best”? Tread carefully. Skincare products are highly subjective to your skin type. And we’re not talking just Dry or Oily. When choosing our skincare, we should also consider our age, our skin tendencies, our personal […]

Know Your City, Know Your Skin

best & worst

The best and worst cities for healthy skin. Where we live matters to our skin. Is the water where we live particularly hard? Are the UV rays higher than average? Is there air pollution? Is the weather humid or dry?  If you’ve traveled around, you might have noticed that your […]

4 Summertime Tips to Give Your Skin Radiance


Get your glow on.   Summertime, with its sunshine and heat, can bring a natural radiance to the skin, but – and here’s the kicker – in doses, and with supplements.  Drink Water!  Hydration is the most simple but effective way to keep your skin — you guessed it — […]

The Best Under-the-Radar Natural Skincare Brand

best & worstCelebrities

This under-the-radar skincare brand has been around for nearly 50 years!   In 2018, the then-newly-minted royal, Meghan Markle, suddenly came under extreme scrutiny but dazzled the world with her radiant skin. Eminence, was her reply. We know, the thought that Meghan loves Eminence Organic Skincare will likely predispose you […]

Travel and Sample Sizes: The Best Way To Try New Products

Did you know?

Unsure if a product is right for you? Get a sample size. Going on a trip pack-light kind of trip? Snag a travel size.   SkinMedix sample and travel sizes are the best way to discover new skincare and beauty products. Sample top products from high-end brands before you splurge […]

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