The professionals choice in skincare, Dermalogica focuses on improving the skin health and fitness of the everyday person. Founded by a dermatologist, Dermalogica is a brand uniquely customized to provide the best possible skin health through a wide selection of products.

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Why continuously cover up imperfections with artificial cosmetic ingredients, when a simple regimen can help your skin transform for the long haul? Dermalogica is a skincare brand dedicated to improving overall skin health by combining quality ingredients, free of artificial colors, fragrances and other harmful skin irritants, with backed by science research, thorough educating, and a health and fitness approach to skincare. You want to nourish your body with proper, natural ingredients, so you should also treat your skin just as well. Why spend money on expensive makeup, which doesn’t form results but hides the problem?

Founded by a dermatologist in Southern California, Dermalogica offers a wide selection of 5-star favorites to promote daily skin health for everyone, whether a facing a complexion problem or simply looking for a daily cleanser. Researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, the foremost training center for for post-graduate skin and body treatments, Dermalogica believes in results over fancy packaging.

Focusing on quality, Dermalogica believes in creating long-lasting results for dynamic skin recovery and skin health. Created as a response to the demand for active products that work in a simple yet effective manner, Dermalogica has become one of the top, most well-regarded skincare lines in the entire world.

Dermalogica offers a variety of products, ranging from everyday cleansers, toners, moisturizers to body products for anti-aging, skin irritation, and mild to severe acne.

Craving some extra TLC in your life? No matter your need or want, Dermalogica has something tailored directly to your skin’s custom fit without all the chemicals found in some common skincare products.

Show off your best skin with both a clinically proven name and clinically proven results.

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