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What Skin Cancer Looks Like

Pretty? No. But this is what skin cancer looks like, and these pictures could help you spot it. The earlier you can catch skin cancer, the easier it is to cure.  Compare your moles to these images, and see a doctor if you find anything suspicious.

Normal Mole

A small brown spot that’s symmetrical and all one shade an that hasn’t changes over the years is probably nothing to worry about.

Dysplastic Nevus

A.k.a. an “atypical mole.” This tends to be dark with irregular borders. It could become cancerous so your derm will remove it or keep a close eye on it.

Actinic Keratosis

This potentially cancerous spot usually occurs on sun-exposed areas (scalp, lips, hands) and tends to look like a raised, rough, or scaly patch.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

The most common type of skin cancer, BCC forms deep in the skin  and looks like a raised pink growth or sore that won’t heal.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Look for a reddish patch or wartlike bump that may crust or bleed. Get it checked out pronto—left untreated, it may spread.


The most deadly of skin cancers, melanomas may look geometrical in form and be smooth or raised. These cancers may also have irregular borders. They can be black, brown, gray, white or even red.

Plus, watch for the ABCDEUs. Use this guide to help determine if a mole could be dangerous. See a dermatologist if your spot has any of these characteristics.

A = Asymmetry – One half is s noticeably different shape than the other.

B = Border – The edges are uneven—maybe even scalloped or notched.

C = Color – The mole has multiple shades of brown, black, or red.

D = Diameter – Melanomas are usually big, about the size of a penicel eraser.

E = Evolving – This is any mole that has changed in color, size, or shape—whether that’s over the last month or the past decade.

U = Ugly Ducking – If any of your moles does not look like the other, get them checked.

Did you know just one serious sunburn can increase your skin cancer risk by as much as 50 percent? Monitor your skin for suspicious spots and moles and visit a dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin. In the mean time, shop our full list of sun protection products here!

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Chill Out & Look Hot!

This month, Cosmo shared spa inspired tips to chill out (literally) – and get you touchable skin, luscious lips, and a tension free bod at the same time. Here are a few of our favorite tips that will help keep you crazy, sexy, cool!

Frozen Pucker · Lips can’t sweat (skin’s natural cooling method), so freeze balm overnight then pop it in your purse in the a.m. It’ll stay frozen for about an hour – perfect for cooling off a steamy commute in the summer months.

  • Try COOLA Liplux SPF 30. Coola’s vitamin and antioxidant enriched formula soothes and nourishes, while the unique blend of fruit butters like Raspberry and Avocado hydrate the delicate skin of the lips. The lusciously refreshing scent will make you want to say MUAH! xx

Cold Feet · End a long day (or night) with this delicious pedi soak: Fill a bowl with a gallon of cool water, two cups lemon juice, two sliced lemons, and one-quarter cup vodka. When it hits the tops of your feet and ankles – two powerful pulse points – your whole body will feel amazing.

Icy Eyes · Your body can be slower at flushing out fluids in hot weather – and that means under-eye bags. Chill a spoon in the freezer, and press it along your orbital bones to up circulation and nix swelling. Or apply a refrigerated eye gel with a massaging eye tool; the kneading mimics the deflating effects of an energizing spa facial.

  • Try DDF Erase Eye Gel – a blend of seven natural bio-active ingredients to externally treat darkening and swelling under the eyes – together with the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System that provides a soothing sonic action gentle enough for daily use.

Wipe Out · As a refreshing post sauna treat, top spas offer mini towels dunked in ice water. Survive nature’s sauna by tossing a pack of facial towelettes in a cooler before heading to the beach or park. “Press on into your neck for a quick chill”, recommends Champneys Group spa director, Jo Parker.

On the Rocks · One of the best perks of a day of pro pampering: ice-cold, fruit-spiked spa water. The delicious taste entices you to drink up – important since staying hydrated is key to keeping cool. Fill a pitcher with water, ice, the juice of half an orange , and pink grapefruit wedges.

What do you do to chill out during the hot summer?

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