What Color Should My Vitamin C Serum Be?

Natural color change over time happens, but your Vitamin C should arrive a fresh light hue.

“I’ve bought Vitamin C Serum a few times in the past year and a half. The first time I bought it, I noticed the color was a yellowish brown. The next time I purchased from the same brand, the serum was a very pale yellow, like a light olive oil. And then this last time I purchased it, it was dark, like the color of agave. Why is it always different? Is that normal?” 

-Kelsey S. 

Vitamin C offers a plethora of benefits including the possibility of brightening, hydration, reducing redness, promoting collagen, protecting against sun damage, and healing wounds. But as a popular product, it’s not always distributed with the highest standards. You may have noticed, like Kelsey, that your Vitamin C Serum is a different color from bottle to bottle, or that the Vitamin C you keep on your shelf changes colors over time. And like Kelsey, we know a lot of men and woman have been wondering Why. We’ve got your answers. “The reason Vitamin C serum often comes in a spectrum of hues”, Aaron Kozol, founder of SkinMedix and pharmacist-turned-skincare enthusiast, “is due to oxidation.” The fresher the batch, the lighter color it will be. Vitamin C usually comes in a dark bottle, to protect from UV light and oxidization. The bottles try to keep out as much air and light as possible, but overtime it will naturally age and succumb to the oxidization process as the bottle is opened and the serum periodically exposed. From light to dark amber, your Vitamin C Serum tells you how old it really is.The key is to find a supplier who consistently sells the freshest batches and with good turnover. Serums like the 100% Pure Vitamin C Serum sold by SkinMedix have the highest quality. The shelf life of your Vitamin C Serum will naturally begin the oxidization product, even if you receive the lightest hue. Opening the bottle each time of use allows more and more air in. Fortunately, your serum is safe to use until it turns dark amber.


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