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Product Description

Size: 30ml / 1oz

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is an astounding formulation representing a new class of topical antioxidant treatments from SkinCeuticals. Developed over five years of extensive research, this patent-pending formula uses vitamin C, ferulic acid and the newly discovered phloretin. This unique combination protects against free radicals and a wide range of other molecules known to cause damage and DNA mutations. This formula also boosts the production of essential proteins and fibers while enhancing cell turnover, allowing damaged skin to regain a healthy, undamaged appearance. With regular use, the skin’s support structure is improved and the skin takes on a firmer, brighter and more youthful appearance.

Three-Time Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner: Best Breakthrough, Best Serum, Best Antioxidant Anti-Ager

4 reviews for SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF 30ml

  1. Anonymous

    what is the difference between ferulic & phloretin skinceutical serums?
    Based on the product description, it sounds as if the phloretin serum is an advance on what skinceutical developed with the ferulic serum because the phloretin combines ferulic plus now also including phloretin-the new discovery. But I want to be sure to get the right product. I am aging and my son has freckles which we’d like to eliminate but want to be sure phloretin is the right product for those of those.

  2. Brits

    it works for me
    In literally two days, its made a difference, making my skin look hydrated and plumped.

  3. Dawn

    pricey but SO worth it
    From the first use, I saw visible improvement in my skin texture and feel. Although the price is steep, only a small amount(5 drops) is the recommended usage.

    SKINMEDIX NOTE: The sample size package of this product is really the way to go for the price conscious customer. Six 4-5ml vials are half the price of the retail product. The vials last longer because there is less exposure to air and the smaller dropper allows for more precise control. Your savings with the small vials ends up greater than 50%.

  4. careergirl Los Angeles

    This product cleared up most of my freckles and other pigmentation within the first two weeks. I read in Allure (a month after I purchased it) that it would literally clear up brown spots in a week- and I can attest that this is true!

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