Cosmetic Skin Solutions Supreme Phloretin C10

Cosmetic Skin Solutions Supreme Phloretin C10

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Product Description

Size: 1 oz / 30 ml

This unique, patent pending SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ treatment is formulated with a patented antioxidant combination of Phloretin, Asiatic Acid and Glutathione.

This SUPREMESERUM™ provides a SYNERGISTICINTERACTION™ between antioxidants which boost broad-spectrum SUPERPROTECT™ properties against free radicals, ultra violet radiation, preventing cellular damage. Fast absorbing, penetration-enhancing with SUPERLOWpH™ technology speeds antioxidant delivery for maximum effectiveness. This bio-diverse antioxidant prevents and corrects signs of sun damage providing broad-spectrum protection against UV radiation and free radicals. Strengthens cells to increase protection against future damage from the sun letting the real you shine through. This antioxidant formula contains preventative and corrective properties combining Phloretin with 10% stabilized vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid), Asiatic acid and Glutathione. Provides broad-spectrum protection against UV radiation and free-radicals.

Erases signs of photo-aged and photo damaged skin. This combination of antioxidants fade sun and age spots, diminishes hyperpigmentation, improves discoloration and promotes even skin tone. On a cellular level, DNA strands are strengthened through the synthesis of collagen and elastin resulting in a strengthened cellular support system.

  • Powerful combination of phloretin, Asiatic acid, Glutathione, Vitamin C
  • Provides broad-spectrum protection against sunlight and free radicals
  • Erases signs of photo-aged and photo damaged skin
  • Improves skin discolorations promoting an even tone
  • Fast absorbing antioxidants provide photo protection all day
  • Boosts performance and effectiveness of skin care routine


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