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Have You Been Duped Into Believing These 7 Skin Care Myths?

“Squeaky clean”? A cure for Acne? Anti-Agers? We look into the truth


Skin isn’t clean unless it feels “squeaky” and tightThe phrase “squeaky clean” came into fashion in the 1930s with hair care commercials. The saying referred to the “squeaky” sound hair would make when cleaned and stripped of oils. In skin care (or hair care), that’s not necessarily a good thing. A cleanser should clear out pores and excess oil, but if you’re coming away with a stripped or “squeaky clean” feeling, your skin may be at risk for dehydration and nutrient loss. Replace moisture with an oil-balancing cream.


Anti-Agers prevent agingThis is a half-truth we’re sorry to bust. As this 2016 study revealed, aging is going to happen1. Your favorite “anti-aging” products aren’t faux; they just do more to help you age than stop you from aging. All “anti-aging” products can do is make sure you age gracefully, which we think is better anyways. 


If a product doesn’t work quickly, it isn’t workingMost skincare products take time to show results. Don’t give up. A solid three months is recommended to gauge the effects on the skin with supervision from your dermatologist. 


Acne disappears after teen years If only. You keep your skin clean, you’re in your thirties, maybe even forties or fifties, but still, those pesky bumps keep popping up. Why? Even as adults, particularly women, we experience fluctuations in our hormones which can contribute to the occasional blemish. Other factors such as environment, food consumption, an overproduction of sebum, and stress could be culprits. Adult acne may never be far away, but it can be managed by lifestyle changes and with the help of your dermatologist. 


There’s a cure for acne Acne cannot be cured. Your acne is likely a result of multiple factors. “Acne is a multifactorial disease: genetic factors, stress, androgens, and excess sweating all influence its development and/or severity.”2 You and your dermatologist can manage your symptoms as they fluctuate. 


The more it stings the better it’s working Like the “squeaky clean” myth, if it stings, it’s stripping away protective barriers or the skin and doing more harm than good. Stop, reassess, and either try a different product or decrease use. Work with your dermatologist to find the best products and track your reactions. 


You don’t need a moisturizer if you have oily skinPeople with oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles and thicker skin, but their skin isn’t invincible. Oily skin can still experience dryness, sometimes even as a result of not using a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer helps keep oil production balanced. 


How Your Skin Ages is 100% based on genetics Genetics do play a role, but skin aging is a little more complex. The environment you live in, your lifestyle, and your health habits all come into play. For example, if your tendency is to cinch your eyebrows you might find wrinkles appear sooner between your brows. If you maintain a smoking habit, your skin is more likely to see premature aging3

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