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FAQs: Can I mix and match skin care lines?

FAQs: Can I Mix N Match Skin Care Lines? -

This is a question we hear all of the time and our answer is always the same—Aaabsolutely you can! There are a lot of skin care companies that will disagree with us on this one and say you must use all the same products, but truthfully it’s because they want you to ditch your other products and only use theirs. We believe that as long as you’re getting the desired result from whatever product lines you happen to use, customizing your own routine from various lines is perfectly acceptable.

What do you think? Do you mix and match product lines in your skin care regimen?


How Much Skin Care Product Should You Apply?

When it comes to your skin care products, do you need a dot, a dab or a dollop? Though we have all fallen prey to the old “more is better” adage from time to time, knowing the proper amount to use is the key to getting the best results! Want to know how much product is needed for your daily regimen? Check out this handy cheat sheet by about which beauty products to scrimp on and which to really slather on!

Product Serving Size

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FAQs: Which skin care products should I apply first?

FAQ: Which skin care product should I use first? -

Answer: Start with the lightest consistency and end with the heaviest (e.g., gels before serums; serums before lotions; lotions before creams). “Thick products can prevent thinner ones from penetrating,” says dermatologist Jeffrey Dover, MD, author of The Youth Equation. Rub in each layer until it disappears, then slather on the next. And apply products to clean skin — the more makeup or dirt a formula has to pass through, the less effective it will be.

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FAQs: International Shipping

Q&A: International Shipping - SkinMedix.comDelivery speed to your location depends upon shipping method. A package shipped via  Economy mail International can take from 4-6 weeks for delivery. Express mail International is usually delivered within 7 days.

Unfortunately all international packages are subject to varied delays by customs so a more accurate timeline cannot be estimated. In fact, two packages sent to the same address on the same day may not arrive in the same week. Please be assured that all orders are shipped within two business days of receipt by, and in many cases the very same day.

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