Product Spotlight: Murad – Kits & Sets

Murad Kits & Sets
In order to get the most out of your skin care regimen, it is always recommended to choose products that were meant to be used together, complementing one another to create a harmonious combination.

Murad Kits & Sets can simplify your beauty routine, providing a full range of products that will help you treat, repair, enhance your skin as well as allowing you to maintain results. Many of the Murad Sets and Kits are value systems that give you the opportunity to save money. You can choose from a variety of preassembled packages including comprehensive regimens geared towards a specific skin type, condition or concern as well as kits for specialized treatments. These sets make for great gifts, allowing anyone you know to experience the wonders of Murad skin care.


We all know there are various factors that contribute to different aging skin problems. Dr. Murad address these problems by separating anti-aging products with their causes — which can be environmental or genetic by nature.

Genetic Factors: If your skin’s aging process is due to genetics, Dr. Murad recommends the Murad Age Reform Regimen.

Try the Murad Complete Skin Renewal Kit
Murad Complete Skin Renewal Kit -

  • Why you need it: Firms, exfoliates and cleanses to provides softer, smoother skin day and night.
  • Primary benefits: Improve skin’s appearance by increasing firmness and hydration while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This kit includes these 4 essential Age Reform products:

  1. Refreshing Cleanser: Refreshes while it cleanses by removing surface impurities and makeup
  2. Complete Reform with Clyco Firming Complex: A patented treatment that transforms skin by increasing firmness and improving elasticity
  3. Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30: Provides maximum hydration and sun protection by moisturizing to restore suppleness and delivering powerful antioxidants and broad spectrum sunscreen
  4. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture: Super-charges skin hydration to create visible, youthful-looking smoothness by locking in optimal moisture levels for 8 hours

This multi-benefit treatment that transforms skin by increasing firmness after just one application while also improving skin texture to reveal softer, smoother skin.

Environmental Factors: For skin that is damaged from environmental factors such as harsh weather conditions or constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays, Dr. Murad recommends the Murad Environmental Shield Regimen.

Try the Murad Radiant Skin Renewal Kit
Murad Radiant Skin Renewal Kit -

  • Why you need it: Reverses environmental damage, restores youthful clarity and protects against future damage.
  • Primary benefits: Fades freckles, age spots and other unwanted pigmentation. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots.

This kit includes these 4 essential Environmental Shield products;

  1. Essential-C Cleanser: Neutralizes environmental aggressors, restores moisture and prepares skin for repair.
  2. Active Radiance Serum: Boosts your skin’s natural defense against sun damage while encouraging repair of existing damage.
  3. Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel: Clinically proven to restore clarity and even skin tone.
  4. Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30


For a maximum strength acne regimen, that delivers rapid results without dryness or irritation, Dr. Murad recommends the Murad Acne Regimen. Murad Acne products are both effective and gentle because they are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and enriched with hydrators, anti- inflammatories and antioxidants according to Dr. Murad’s recipe for skin health.

Try the Murad Acne Complex Kit 30 Day Supply (also available in a 60 Day Supply Kit)

Murad Acne Complex Kit -

  • Why you need it: Clinically proven to rapidly clear breakouts and restore smooth skin without dryness or irritation.
  • Primary benefits: 92% of users experienced a reduction in acne breakouts in just 3 days.* Restores skin’s health, clarity and appearance.

This kit includes these 4 essential Acne Complex products;

  1. Clarifying Cleanser: kills acne-causing bacteria while deeply cleansing away excess oil, debris and other impurities.
  2. Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel: powerful exfoliators and anti-inflammatory botanicals prevent and heal acneic breakouts.
  3. Skin Perfecting Lotion: Acne – this lightweight lotion is designed to provide plumping moisture without causing oiliness or breakouts.
  4. Acne Spot Treatment: botanicals, vitamins and sulfur work together to quickly and effectively heal acne blemishes

Murad Kits & Sets were professionally assembled in order to provide a comprehensive system for better skin. Instead of trying to guess which products may perform well together, pick up one of the Murad Sets and Kits available at and rest assured that you will get the best results with no negative contraindications.

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  1. seedlings360 June 27, 2015 at 7:37 pm #

    Best Anti Aging Cream.Your product gave good results on my wrinkles. It mad miracle.

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