Neocutis LUMIERE RICHE (formerly Bio-Restorative Eye Balm)

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Size: 15 ml / 0.5 oz

This item has been discontinued and replaced with Lumiere FIRM Riche

Lumiere Riche Extra Moisturizing Illuminating Eye Cream is the ideal night-time compliment for Lumiere in the day time. More mature patients and patients with very dry skin will love how hydrating Lumiere Riche is for night time use. It feels richer and creamier than Lumiere yet it is not at all greasy and absorbs very nicely. Also, Lumiere Riche has additional ingredients that make it ideal for the mature patient and ideal to be absorbed and work at night while you rest, such as wild yam extract.

  • Your nightly PSP application helps combat lines, wrinkles and under eye darkness.
  • Luxuriously rich formulation locks in moisture and helps increase skin’s moisture retention while you sleep
  • Wild Yam Extract helps minimize the appearance of sagging and textural changes.
  • Paraben-free, gluten-free and PABA-free.

Neocutis has recently updated the packaging and name of this item, however the formula has not changed.

3 reviews for Neocutis LUMIERE RICHE (formerly Bio-Restorative Eye Balm)

  1. imstillstanding

    Best Eye Cream for Winter
    I ran out of this eye cream and can’t find anything that compares – even the regular strength. So, I am back for more. This winter has been rough and nothing has been able to keep my skin hydrated like this amped up cream was doing – until I ran out.

  2. Anonymous

    I look 10 years younger!!!
    I used the ‘cream’ version of this product and noticed puffiness and more wrinkles under my eyes. My dermatologist recommended the Balm since I was ‘over 50.’ What a HUGE difference, no wrinkles, no puffiness and purple bags disappeared. I always smile and noticed lines on my outer lids forming… I dabbed some on my these lines and smile once again! Worth the money!

  3. LoAnne

    Best Eye Cream on the Market
    I began using the Eye Balm March 21st, after my Dermatologist recommended to me. After 3 months, I have noticed a significant improvement in fine lines, crows feet and no morning puffiness which was the major concern to begin use.

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