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Product Description

Size: 2.0 ml / 3 month supply

Lash Enhancing Serum

GrandeLASH MD is a 5x award winning eyelash conditioner, created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients. GrandeLASH-MD delivers more youthful, healthy and dramatic eyelashes within 4-6 weeks. It is scientifically tested and safe for use around the eyes.

3 reviews for GrandeLash MD 2.0ml

  1. Sheri (verified owner)

    WOW! Tried many other brands. This one works for me.

  2. KM

    I got eyelash extensions for 5 years and decided to finally have a break with intentions of going back to them. I started using Grande Lash – MD and my lashes look like I still have extensions. It is absolutely AMAZING!!! Just taking the risk and try it you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Sher Honchariw

    Had eyelash extensions applied while in Thailand last spring. After coming home, I got fills which lasted all of 10 days, at a cost of $175. And, many of MY lashes had been lost, too. Nuts to that!
    I purchased Grande Lash – MD in December and my lashes are amazing, much longer and even than ever before. I get compliments every day. This stuff really works.

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