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MUST HAVE: iS Clinical Active Serum

Must Have: iS Clinical Active Serum

Happy Thanksgiving, SkinMedix Fans! This year I’m thankful for and my new favorite must-have serum, iS Clinical Active Serum!

iS Clinical Active Serum is a potent formula designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and control acne. It contains an impressive array of active anti-aging ingredients which includes glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid, arbutin and kojic acid which all work together to smooth texture and decrease pigmentation.

What do I LOVE about Active Serum? Everything! This is a fabulous one-stop shop serum that instantly transforms my skin both in the moment and over time. I love the light menthol scent and the slight tingly feeling I get when I apply this serum that makes me feel like it’s working. My skin feels soft and supple after use and over time it has transformed the look of my skin. This has been my go-to serum when my skin is acting up, breaking out, and needs triage. I apply and wake up the next morning with almost perfect skin.

iS Clincal Active Serum is available in 4 convenient sizes: 0.5 oz, 1.0 oz, 2.0 oz Pro-size, and Travel Sample 5 Packs!

Wishing you a blessed holiday with family and friends!

Talk soon! XO


MUST HAVE: LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum

MUST HAVE: LiLash Purified Eyelash SerumWomen, who are not blessed with thick, sultry eyelashes or have observed their lashes falling out for one reason or another, have turned to eyelash growth products to regain what they have lost – including me!

I used to use Latisse on my lashes, but after a few months, the heavy price tag on the tiny prescription bottle left me budgeting just to afford my favorite lash boost. I loved my new longer lashes and didn’t want to give them up, but I could no longer justify spending $127.50 for a one month’s supply, plus doctor visit costs just to refill my prescription. Once my lashes returned to their original meager and pitiful selves, I set out to find a more affordable option.

After SkinMedix’s did a product feature on LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum, I decided to give it a try. Eight weeks of daily application, and my longer, fuller lashes are back! While I’m still paying $139.97 a bottle, I’m saving money on doctor visits because there’s no prescription needed. Also, you get double the product compared to Latisse, and since it comes in a self applying tube, you’re not wasting product by using drops on disposable brushes. (I always felt like half my Latisse was lost in those dinky brushes.) I’m now starting my third month and I still have more than half of the bottle left. I’ve read a lot of other reviews and most women are finding they get 6 months of daily use with one bottle. Unlike other eyelash growth serums, LiLash is used once daily for eight to twelve weeks. Then once you are satisfied with your lashes, you reduce use to only two times a week. In one year, I was spending $1530 on Latisse. Now I’m getting the same results for $279.94 – that’s a savings of $1250.06!

I didn’t experience any major side effects with this product. My eyes were a little itchy the first couple of days, but only as a result of using too much. Once I reduced the amount I was applying, the irritation stopped immediately. I learned a little goes a long way, and you don’t need more than one coat. If your eyes water at night, like mine do, I suggest using this product in the morning. My nightly tear production was washing the product down my face. I only discovered this when I found I was growing lash-like hair on my cheek bones! Not a cute look, to say the least. I now apply LiLash in the morning, instead of at night, and I haven’t experienced this problem since.

Check out my Before and After photos below:



It looks like magic…but it’s REAL!

So how does LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum work? To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at the ingredients of Lilash. One of its main ingredients is Lupinus albus (commonly known as white lupin) seed extract.This extract contains the factor that stimulates eyelash growth. Lilash also contains Prunus amygdalus (or almond) seed extract, which accords protection to each eyelash thereby giving it protection. Another key ingredient is panthenol, a moisturizing agent that keeps eyelashes supple and glossy and less prone to breakage. Silica, also included, prevents the eyelashes from breaking.

How to Apply LiLash:

  1. Apply once a day, morning or evening, to clean dry skin. Allow LiLash to dry for 2 to 3 minutes before applying other cosmetics.
  2. Remove the applicator from the tube and carefully wipe off any excess product on the inside of the tube.
  3. Apply the applicator to the skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line from inner to outer corner of the eye. See illustration below.
    A single application stroke is all that is required. LiLash is highly concentrated so little is needed for your best lashes.

Ditch the expensive brand and stop fussing with messy glues and fake lashes, and experience the luxury of your own natural long lashes. With one swipe of your mascara, and you will be camera ready!

Have you used LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum? What was your experience? Send me your Before and After photos to [email protected]! I would love to see them!

Talk soon! XO


LiLash Eyelash Serum

Super Samples

Travel Sample Packs

Did you know many of your favorite SkinMedix products are available in travel and sample sizes? Here is our list of reasons why you should consider trying the mini version of our high-end products!

1. Try Before You Buy

  • SkinMedix samples packs are the best way to discover new skin care and beauty products. Sample top products from high-end brands, so you know what you’re getting before you splurge on the big bottle. It’s the smart way to try and buy new products!

2. Travel Light

  • Your travel kit is an important part of your time away from home. Taking along brands you can trust can make all the difference. Buy your favorite products in travel size so you really can take your favorite skin care and cosmetic products with you, wherever you go.

3. So Fresh

  • Smaller packages means less product is exposed to the air at any one time. This is important in maintaining freshness, especially in products containing antioxidants.

4. Save Money

  • In some instances, our product sample packs can save you big bucks when compared to buying the full size bottle. Do the math! Here’s an example: A pack of 5 iS Clinical Active Serum samples at 0.125 oz each is a total of 0.625 oz for $26! The 0.5 oz full size bottle is $54 – that’s an over 50% savings!

Want to try a new product? Check out our full list of available sample and travel size products. Already have a favorite? Visit and type your favorite product into the Search box at the top to see if your favorite product is available in Travel Size Packs today!

Click on the product links below or visit to try these and other Travel Sample Packs available at!

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