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Product Description

Size: 30 ml / 1 oz

Prevage MD anti-aging treatment contains 1% Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin cells in your body. Prevage MD protects your skin from environmental stressors known to cause skin aging including UV light, air pollution, ozone, cigarette smoke and even oxygen. These environmental stressors create damaging by-products called “free radicals” during normal cellular metabolism. Antioxidants (like Idebenone, the active ingredient in Prevage MD anti-aging treatment) scavenge these free radicals and bind to them before they cause damage. Prevage MD anti-aging treatment helps correct the skin damage that you already have and also protects your skin from future damage.

9 reviews for Prevage MD

  1. barbara (verified owner)

    I have used this product since it first came on the market many years ago. It is wonderful. I receive complements on how
    beautiful my skin is and how young I look all the time. I’ve never had any medical procedures. The secret is you must use it everyday.
    I will continue to use this product forever and I am seventy one years old.

  2. Rebecca – GA

    buy it again and again
    This product is amazing! I have seen great results since I have started using it. I am 33 years old, and my skin is in great shape! I can feel it firming my skin the moment I put it on, it has also greatly reduced the size of my pours. Use this product conistently and you WILL notice results! 🙂

  3. Margaret

    It works for me!
    Thanks to the recommendation of my dermatologist, I’ve been using Prevage MD for at least 15 years and am now 82. It, plus regular use of spf when I am outside, has surely kept my skin looking less than my age. (People guesstimate my age as 60.)I use it on my face, neck and chest.

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe not good for sensitive skin
    I use for few months. When I start with my third bottle I developed a severe rash. I have to take oral prednisone. I tried once again in my neck and chest for one more time and immediately developed a severe allergic reaction.

  5. Ellie

    In response to the review below….NOPE! Don’t work for the company. Prevage MD is the best product that I have used thus far. I have been searching and trying products for several years now trying to the find the best of the best, and this is it! It beats other high end skincare products hands down. To get the best results from this (or any skincare product) you have to be sure to cleanse thoroughly and use the product diligently to get the best results.

  6. Anonymous

    great texture
    I like this product, but honestly, with Prevage MD, CE Ferulic and everything else I’ve tried, I’ve not noticed a huge difference in my skin. I trust that they’re working and I like the texture but I don’t understand how all these women are claiming they see phenomenal differences and big changes. wondering if these people work for the companies?

    SKINMEDIX NOTE: All reviews are genuine and submitted by actual customers over the past 5 years.

  7. Betsy

    I have been using this product since 2007 and I absolutely love it! I know that there are a lot of other antioxidant products out there now but I still believe that the original is the best!!! At 51, I plan on using this forever!!!

  8. LaLa – Las Vegas, NV

    Most effective product I have used
    Recommended by my dermatologist…this is one of the best products I have used in a long, long time! I saw results – visable results – immediately. Using this along with my TNS complex routine, I find that I can postpone the need for cosmetic surgery and feel great about my skin again! My self-esteem needed this – so thank you Prevage MD!!

  9. Nicky – Santa Barbara, California

    Excellent product
    Excellent product, I’ve used it for 3 years with incredible results.

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