Neocutis LUMIERE Bio-Restorative Eye Cream

Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream 15ml
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Product Description

Size: 15 ml / 0.5 oz

Neocutis Lumiere Bio Restorative Eye Cream with PSP is an intensive line smoothing eye cream that revitalizes and rejuvenates the delicate eye area. Neocutis Lumiere is formulated with 30% more PSP, the most complete protein blend of Growth Factors, Cytokines and Interleukins available to smooth and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Staff pick and top seller.



21 reviews for Neocutis LUMIERE Bio-Restorative Eye Cream

  1. mickey – Boca Raton, FL

    No lie.
    I have been using the same aesthetician monthly for two years now. One month she was absent and I used a different girl who recommended this eye cream. After using it for one whole month, I returned to my regular gal and she thought I had some kind of surgery done. No lie. I had to convince her it was the cream. She was in awe of how much the quality of my skin improved…I’ll never use another cream!!!

  2. Emily Jackson

    I discovered that the wrinkles around my eye area refused to disappear after using many products. This product was recommended my sister. Initially, I didn’t want to buy, but I just bought it to see if it will make any difference. To my surprise the wrinkles around my eye disappeared after some weeks. Now, my overall facial appearance has improved.

  3. CFSnipes, Redford, Mi

    Wonderful Product
    I started using this product 2 months ago and simply love the results. I was beginning to age and everything I was trying didn’t work after beginning my chemical peels to reverse the process it was suggested that I use this eye cream. Its the best

  4. Sarah

    You won’t believe the results!
    Ok, I know I sound like a commercial but I am genuinely shocked and amazed at the results after using this product. My 23 yr old daughter even noticed a difference in the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. I am telling all my friends over 50 to try it.

  5. Dora Hammond

    This is the best eye repair cream ever. Recommended by my dermatologist. It doesn’t sting, goes on smoothly, feels wonderful and works. Keeps aging at a distance. Helps with crows feet and elasticity. Highly recommend especially for middle age women.

  6. Michael

    No more crow’s feet
    I’ve used this product over the past 6 months between btx treatments to completely eliminate the “squint lines” that were visible even at rest. Love the way this cream feels on the skin. I’ve tried a half dozen eye creams before Lumiere and none worked as well.

  7. Carin

    Stings! Used to Work Great — What Happened?
    I’ve used this for at least three years. The last one I purchased irritated my eyes so much I had to throw it away. It took me a while to accept it was my “miracle product” that was causing stinging eyes and burning skin after many years of using it religiously. I never let myself run out of it before; it was amazing how it kept that crepey skin at bay (I’m 50).

    I’m sad to say, it’s no longer a five star product for me.

    SKINMEDIX NOTE: The manufacturer has confirmed the formula for this product has not changed. Unfortunately it appears you have developed a sensitivity to one of the ingredients.

  8. Kim

    Love this stuff
    I am in my early 50’s and have tried many different products, especially high dollar versions. This has done wonders with my eye wrinkles. I have had people tell me I look younger than I did in my 40’s.

    One complaint on the packaging: I am on my 3rd bottle and each bottle I have owned, the cap has cracked apart. It’s like it slowly disintegrates. I thought it was due to the hazards of travel, but I now keep one at home and one for the road. The cap on my home version has still cracked apart into pieces. Irritating!!

  9. happyinmystate

    Could really tell a difference
    Lumiere was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I was skeptical, but it really made a huge difference in the appearance of my eyelids and the skin under my eyes where it was applied. I am sold.

  10. Jeni

    This eye cream has ended my search for a great eye cream, and my search has been a long one!! This is the only eye cream that moisturizes, gets rid of bags and dark circles. I will not use anything else ever again!

  11. Ashley

    Amazing and really works!!!
    My husband has had dark color under his eyes and well as noticeable puffiness. I bought this cream for him and after 2 months we noticed that both were completely gone! We were surprised b/c everything else we tried did not work. It worked very well on him so I use it as a preventative now too.

  12. Anonymous

    Dermatologist used it and said it work
    My dermatologist used it on one eye and not the other. She said it really works. Best thing she has seen without having injections. I found it here and saved about $25-$30 from her price. I’ve used it for over a year. If I run out, I notice the difference within days. I stay stocked up! (I’m 44 and this keeps the wrinkles at bay)

  13. Anonymous

    amazing! never had a cream work this well!
    Note~ I am only 32 years old so I dont have that many lines. I did however see a big difference with this cream!! It is truely amazing!! I went longer with out my btx even!!

  14. Anonymous

    I really dont have that many fine lines, this stuff is amazing! I did see a big change! It took about three weeks! I have bought many different expensive products this one is by far the cheapest and works the best!

  15. Autumn Rose

    Really liking this eye cream
    I just started using this product in conjunction with the Obagi Nuderm system and love it. It’s lightly creamy and has dramatically improved the crepiness/crinkliness around my eyes that I am experiencing with just beginning the Nuderm system.

    Incidentally, Skinmedix is the absolute best. They ship immediately – literally, and the products are always well packaged and arrive in 2-3 days.

  16. Anonymous

    Eye cream that finally works
    I used to forget using an eye cream because none of them I tried previously gave me any differences except moisturizing the eye area. However, I tried this eye cream because of the great reviews, and the result was phenomenal. I am 35 yrs old and I noticed my skin below my eyes lost firmness lately (probably due to weight loss and aging) that made me look like I had under eye bags all the time. After using this product for a month at night, the under eye bags are not noticeable anymore. Finally found an eye cream that works and I’ll keep using it every night!

  17. Anonymous

    Used the whole bottle without a difference 🙁
    I went through an entire bottle without seeing any difference – I kept hoping I would see a difference with time, but it never happened. I got much better results (after I had finished the entire bottle of Lumiere) around my eyes when I started using TNS recovery complex – I got an almost immediate difference with that product and will continue to use that one as I have seen unbelievable changes with that. (I close my eyes when I use the TNS and use two pumps twice a day, rubbing it over my entire face including eyelids and under eyes – it has never gotten in my eyes or caused any problems with my eyes as I note the directions on that say not to get into the eyes)
    The Lumiere was a nice light moisturizer, but not worth the money for simple moisturization. A little bit of Lumiere does go a LONG way.

  18. Rebecca

    Love it
    I am 28 years old and have under eye bags that drive me crazy! I got a sample of this in the mail and used it for 2 weeks and couldn’t believe the difference. I have been spending ridiculous amounts of money on different thing to try and get this under control before it got worse and I LOVE this stuff. I ran straight to the computer and ordered it!

  19. Lucia

    3 month miracle
    I have been using this product for 3 months now and cannot believe the improvement to the fine lines around my eyes. Lumiere is for real!

  20. Tisha – Sulphur, LA USA

    Love it!
    decided to try this product after seeing it in In Style”s 2009 Best Beauty Buys. Well, now I am hooked! Love it! Little bit goes a long way, and I absolutely saw results. I am 56, and get so tired of LOOKING tired, when I”m not! This product really works for me. My only problem is keeping my 27 yr. old daughter away from it! She loves it also…her younger eyes see results instantly. She likes using it before going out beacuse no one thinks she is 21!

  21. lola

    WORTH the money
    My derm recommended this, made my undereye wrinkles go away during the day. It has the human growth factor in it…totally safe but a new technology that is WORTH the money, best eye treatment I have ever used. I am almost 40 but don’t look it!

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