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Product Description

Get younger looking skin with the award-winning Baby Quasar PLUS. Target wrinkles, fine lines, and enjoy a warm, youthful glow with this powerful LED red light therapy skincare device.

As we age, our skin begins to lose its youthful glow and we begin to see lines and wrinkles appear around our eyes, on our face, neck, and décolleté. Baby Quasar PLUS is a powerful skincare tool that uses LED red light therapy to penetrate below the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and rejuvenate the overall appearance of your skin.


Size: The Baby Quasar PLUS has a treatment head measuring 1.5”  in diameter and uses 3mm LED lights.

The Quasar MD PLUS has a treatment head measuring 2” in diameter and uses 5mm LED lights.

The smaller Baby Quasar PLUS is portable and convenient for travel.



  • • Baby Quasar PLUS
  • • Storage Pouch
  • • Power Supply
  • • Goggles
  • • Lens Cap (to protect LEDs and allow use by different persons)
  • • Instruction Manual


Features & Benefits:

  • • FDA cleared for full face & periorbital wrinkles
  • • Clinically proven
  • • Dermatologist recommended
  • • All medical grade aluminum construction
  • • Limited lifetime warranty
  • • Four wavelengths of Amber, Red, and Infrared light to deeply penetrate skin
  • • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Improves overall skin tone and texture
  • • Creates a healthy glow
  • • 100% Natural – Drug & Chemical free
  • • Non-Invasive
  • • Gentle, Safe, and Painless
  • • Safe for all skin types
  • • Easy to use; at-home comfort
  • • Smaller, portable size compared to Quasar MD PLUS


*Baby Quasar Plus is compatible with both 110v and 220v electrical systems worldwide but comes with a standard USA / North American plug. SkinMedix offers adapters for both Type 1 (Australia and China) and Type C (European) 220v electrical outlets.


4 reviews for Baby Quasar Plus

  1. Dona

    Pretty Remarkable
    I’ve only been using this for two weeks, and I’m really surprised….it seems to be doing something to my wrinkles! I have some fine wrinkles, but it was the deep creases in several areas, forehead, above the eyes, around the mouth that I wanted to work on before I contemplate something like injections. Well, the Baby Quasar is doing what it says it will…plump out the flesh and the wrinkles decrease. Actually, 2 weeks into this half of the laugh line on either side of my mouth have disappeared. I’m hopeful I might see additional progress in two more weeks, the amount of time the manufacturer says it will take.

  2. Victor

    Baby Red stops rosacea for me.
    I’m 55, with rosacea. This Baby Quasar red was said to be the strongest of the OTC light therapy units. It suggests using $60/oz (yikes!) hyaluronic serum during treatment, but I use it on bare clean skin. Using Baby Quasar, my previous acne-like pustules have stopped appearing, and pores have shrunk. I stopped using other rosacea treatments. I also used Quasar on a scar (one 6 minute treatment), and that area showed obvious peeling.
    Face treatment is a time-consuming 36 minutes every other day, so I do it while exercising on a leg machine.
    I like that it has a cord, because battery-operated stuff eventually dies.

    No overnight miracles. Vigilance likely required, like exercise.

  3. Nana

    Even my Derm has Noticed
    I’ve been using the Baby Quasar for over a year now. [I figured why stop after a month and a half, especially given its cost.] The last time I went to my dermatologist to have some wrinkles plumped with temporary fillers, she looked at the two year old photo from my last visit and asked “What have you been doing?! Your last treatment has held up far longer than normal.”

    She agreed that IPL treatments have good research behind them and was impressed that one could get such good results with a home model.

    I figure the Baby Quasar has just about paid for itself by saving me on doctor bills!

  4. khester

    Wonderful product!
    My skin is very sensitive and this product works like a charm. I’ve seen tremendous improvements in my skin tone, forehead lines, and around my eyes!

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